Lean in the finance sector

Lean is an efficient approach to improve work processes, free up time, reduce stress and reduce the number of mistakes. All contributing to giving employees in the finance sector a better work day and greater satisfaction while the organisation experiences a larger output from the resources available.

Employee involvement

Lean in the finance sector is a process involving a multitude of different human resources. Because of this it is key to be able to engage and motivate the employees to participate in the process of altering the work flow and procedures. At the same time it’s important to have effective support or back-office business units that ensure optimal and cost-efficient operation at the branches of the organisation with direct customer support. The support areas are therefore also in focus when Lean & Strategy employ Lean in the financial industries.

Read more about the experiences of the bank, Froes Herreds Sparekasses, in lean at the bank, froes herreds sparekasse.

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