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At Froes Herreds Sparekasse we have used Soren Pedersen to help us focus on efficiency, improvents in work processes and to raise our employees' knowledge of Lean. Soren Pedersen is very serious and very systematic and thorough in his approach to things. This has contributed to the great benefits we have achieved. He is good at providing an overview of processes and finding improvement areas. By using facts and mapping out where it's possible - with a small effort - to attain appreciable gains, we have planned actions and thereby succeeded in achieving results with large impact in a short time span.

All departments are very excited and it has given us new energy at our bank. Because of this there are now more people at Froes who request Soren to support us in other areas.

As a consultant, Soren Pedersen is extremely competent and knows all about Lean, both in theory and in practice. He makes use of all his knowledge and his set of tools. Soren willingly shares his models and materials and enables his clients to use them themselves.

In a calm way he manages to get the employees to have a burning desire to change work processes, create an overview and plan their tasks. This leads to an increased efficiency and higher satisfaction.

Soren Pedersen is always thoroughly prepared and everything is documented with a description. He is good at keeping top management informed as to the progress and at adjusting things so they match well with other aspects of our strategy at Froes.

We can strongly recommend Soren Pedersen and we are available should anyone require further information.

bentegraae.jpg - HR Manager Bente Graae, Froes Herreds Sparekasse


To detail improvement goals and plans for a range of support departments - in line with the bank's strategy.


Suggestions and opinions from the support departments' customers - the bank branches and end customers - were carefully integrated into the improvement goals of the individual support departments. The support departments then used Lean methods to reach ideas and plans to achieve the goals. At the same time, a focused and practical measurement system was put in place to track the progress and a 5S effort was used to ensure tidyness in the environment.


Today the support departments work with improvements in a structured way and have streamlined some of their daily routines which helps them get through their dailly tasks.  For example, the IT support team now has a clearer, better prioritised project portefolio and goals for the service level. The finance department has a stronger follow up on liquidity on a per branch basis and as far as tidyness goes, shared materials have become a lot faster and easier to access.



Froes Herreds Sparekasse won the title of best workplace in "Denmark's Best Workplaces 2010". Froes is lead by Managing Director Kurt Jensen and is a rock solid financial institution with a solvency of 18,9% (the authorities require 8%). Froes, which was founded in 1872 in Rødding, Denmark has opened its branch number 10 and the number og employees has grown steadily during the period 2000-2010 by 85% to 124.


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