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EXPERIENCE: developed provoking and at the same time realistic scenarios for how the future could be. This lead to a greater understanding of the drivers in their business environment and left them with a tool to test the strategy and plan the right, large investments in the electricity and gas distribution infrastructure.

- Read the article from's internal newsletter: Energinet-scenarios-case.pdf (Danish)

with comments from some of the participants:

jesperjuulandersen.jpg Jesper Juul Andersen, Planning

larsgjedstedsorensen.jpg Lars Gjedsted Sørensen, System-operations

prebenbirrpedersen.jpg Preben Birr Pedersen, Planning


To employ scenario analysis as a tool to shed light on the robustness of decisions centering around key challenges for


A scenario process was carried out in which stakeholders inside and outside of Denmark were involved. The group of directors and the board were involved from the start of the process and during the process itself, and input from interviews with renowned experts and leaders in the energy sector in Europe yielded a solid foundation. A project group created the scenarios which were then scrutinised by people outside of the group and finally by the group of directors and the board.


The scenarios helped create a common understanding of the surrounding environment that operates within today and in the future. The scenarios are used today to test the robustness of investments and actions as far as the year 2030.


FACTS: is a non-profit enterprise owned by the Danish Climate and Energy Ministry. owns the overall infrastructure for electricity as well as gas and ensures fair competition and promotes green energy solutions.

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