we ensure that you achieve your goals

Is your competition tough? Do you experience that changes are happening more and more rapidly in your industry?

Our customers often seek to be more effective and preferably 7 steps ahead of their competitors. We help our customers make the right changes, at a faster pace than usual, and most importantly - before they are made for them. As we say: "Dare to be different".


To help people and companies amazingly to achieve their goals.

  • If the focus is on strategy then together with your company we will agree upon an exciting and challenging process. It could be for the purpose of gaining clarity and support about the direction, goals, organisation and action plans, or in a creative process to reach completely new business ideas or concepts. In all cases there is an emphasis on goals being appropriately ambitious and for action plans to achieve the goals to be realistic.
  • If your interest is Lean then we will focus on the right goals and challenges and design a suitable process which is down to earth, fun and gets people to buy in. The work with improvements, training and measurements happens in your company. It is always with tasks that will bring you closer to the agreed improvement goals be they for delivery performance, quality, costs, safety or employee involvement in order to enhance customer satisfaction and the financial situation of your company.


Three values hold in our work and in the decisions that we make:

  • INTEGRITY: Honesty, to air one's opinion honestly, stand by what has been promised and to make a point of noting if something lies outside of what you are willing or capable of endorsing or delivering upon.
  • QUALITY: Align and be constantly aware of expectations - and honour them on schedule.
  • PROACTIVITY: React in a timely manner and in a way that benefits the customer reaching desired goals.

LEAN and STRATEGy expertise

Lean & Strategy works internationally with strategy and Lean. The company is lead by Soren Pedersen who is certified in Lean and as a trainer and assessor of certified training from Australia. Soren has over 15 of experience with Lean and strategy in eight countries - including being a management consultant from McKinsey & Company in Scandinavia and as leader of a consuting team at the the Danish Technological Institute. In Australia, Soren helped establish the coaching/consulting company TAKT Australia, which today is at the leading edge of certified Lean training with customers with house-hold brand names down under. Within Lean, Soren has been trained by experts from Lean Enterprise Institute and Toyota, from Japan, USA, France and Wales. On the strategy side he has many years of experience employing creative techniques and scenario processes, inspired by methods from Royal Dutch Shell, Global Business Network and Stanford Research Institute - methods that have been further developed and used in practice through 7 years with Arla Foods and at over 25 other companies such as DONG Energy,, Kamstrup and University College Cork. Soren has 8 years leadership experience and has been a trainer and coach in personal development, focusing both on the individual and a group.


Lean & Strategy is certified in Lean and to facilitate assessment-based training.

This allows for participants to be trained in a process in which they may attain an internationally recognised Lean certification.

The way of working - and what is unique

Lean & Strategy does what needs to be done to support the customer reaching the set goals and builds on:

  • Emphasis and time spent on understanding your company's needs and the people who are to be involved. We have a close relationship with our customers - relationships that often last for many years, building on trust and results
  • Challenging goals
  • Thorough preparation which is aligned


  • We always adjust - to ensure the process is creative, fun and yours - An interest in understanding the people that are part of the process and how they are motivated
  • Methods are structured and tested in practice - we place heavy emphasis on involvement and coaching until participants can reach results themselves on their own
  • Ensure that your company can proceed by itself - with a strengthened culture, a new way of driving business and with many new decisions made
  • Measurement of progress - close follow-up to ensure results are on schedule - and that there is satisfaction with the process


  • Certified in facilitating certified training and Lean. Trained by the best experts within Lean and strategy from Japan, USA, France and Wales
  • 15 years of consulting experience with experience from two Danish, one American and two Australian consulting companies
  • Experience from tasks and projects in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • International technical education from University College Cork, Ireland (B.Sc.) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA (Ph.D.)
  • 8 years of international leadership experience, backed up by training in leadership, coaching, MBTI etc.

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