Lean collaboration


Lean & Strategy has an agreement to perform training under an outsourcing agreement with


Lean & Strategy also has a collaboration with Tech College Aalborg and relations to other centres of education.


LEAN Training

Contact us to hear more about how you may obtain training performed by Lean & Strategy in the following:

40658 Production improvements for operators via Lean

40659 Lean tools application for operators

43572 Leadership of change processes

44383 The employee as a participant in change processes

43937 Application of the 5-S method for operators

43938 Lean-mapping of value stream for operators

43939 Structured problem solving for operators

43941 Prevention of mistakes using Poka-Yoke for operators

43942 Kanban-control for operators

43943 Logistics for production workers

43978 Changeover reduction for operators

40660 Lean in maintenance work for operators

40661 Operator-lead improvement of maintenance

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