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LEAN at the bank, froes HERREDS sparekasse

"At Froes Herreds Sparekasse we have used Soren Pedersen to help us focus on efficiency, improvements in work processes and to raise our employees' knowledge of Lean. ...  All departments are very excited and it has given us new energy at our bank. Because of this there are now more people at Froes who request Soren to support us in other areas. ..."

HR Manager Bente Graae, Froes Herreds Sparekasse

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"We have experienced a Lean process ..., where everyone at the school participated - from teachers to employees in the after-school day care to the janitor/cleaning personnel to the administration.  ...  With Soren's help we were able to see our daily tasks in a different perspective which made us more aware of waste and unnecessary use of our time. We were able to focus on tasks where the process could be made a lot simpler. ..."

Liselotte Christensen, School Principal, Riberhus Private School

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ENERGINET.DK obtained a more ROBUST STRATEGY developed provoking and at the same time realistic scenarios for how the future could be. This lead to a greater understanding of the drivers in their business environment and left them with a tool to test the strategy and plan the right, large investments in the electricity and gas distribution infrastructure.

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Electronics company increased its productivity by 20%

To be competitive within its field of high-tech lighting solutions, the Australian electronics company chose to embark on a certified Lean training program. The lead time was reduced from over 30 to 9 days, the sales raised by 28% and the contribution to the bottom line per employee was increased by 42%.

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