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Lean & Strategy offers many services within the strategy area - adjusted to suit your needs. You will experience a process that is professionally facilitated, with a focus on the business content and aims while at the same being exciting, fun and challenging for the participants. In order for a strategy to have an impact it is important to ensure constant involvement, support and commitment - these are characteristics of the way in which Lean & Strategy carries out scenario and strategy processes. And this has produced good results at customers such as Arla Foods, Kamstrup, DONG Energy and

Here are examples of strategy services:

A scenario process - which ensures growth and the best choices and decisions in a competitive, uncertain future

  • Investigate how your company can tackle a specific challenge - for example, how an ambitious, profitable growth should be met, which direction should be chosen for your company's innovation or technology development, or how a market should be approached in order to move ahead and meet certain goals.
  • Plan how you will be successful irrespective of which way the market goes - so that changes in your industry are understood at an early point, decisions taken proactively and the right investments made at the right times.
  • Test how the whole organisation ought to react - in a coordinated manner - from marketing til sales, innovation, product development, production, service delivery, HR and administration.
  • Explore and conclude how you will act if a risk, accident or catastrophe were to occur.
  • Discover how the environment in which your company lives may develop, and use visioning processes for the future to strengthen your strategy.
  • Contact us to discuss how a tailored scenario process may bring your company far ahead.

A strategy process - leading to a prioritised and detailed action plan

  • Experience a structured, alternative and exciting process that ensures the right involvement at the appropriate phases from decision-makers, key people in your organisation, experts, customers, end users, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Choose certified training in project management for a team of participants at your company, where each person will carry out several strategically important projects in the organisation as part of the training and assessment.
  • Embark on a journey with an innovation process to find new concepts or product ideas - and land things again so that the right, ambitious yet realistic choices are made that can be implemented in practice.
  • Start planning your strategy process and contact us today to arrange a meeting.

Specialist project management

  • Here Lean & Strategy can enter as part of your organisationen - either on a full time basis in a project period or a certain number of days per week or month in order to carry out and complete agreed project tasks, analyses or interim management challenges. For example:
  • Strategy or process analysis, benchmarking project management, data-ming or model building.
  • If what you are looking for is specialist assistance then contact us to plan the right support.

All training, coaching and consulting work is carried out personally by Soren Pedersen.

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