Lean in the energy sector

The energy sector is characterised by many uncertainties and change and a very stable service. Technological advances have had large media attention in recent years with the advent of "smart grids", "green" energy and a rising need for energy by consumers. This makes it necessary to perform the right new, and often very expensive investments in infrastructure and implementation of new technology while at the same time ensuring a smooth service delivery without breakdowns, outages or patches of instability. To live up to the expectations of the stakeholders in the market requires that the internal processes in the companies operating in the production or distribution of energy are effective and stable and that the delivery of products occurs without defects, in full and on time and preferably with a shorter lead time and at a competitive price.

Lean injects energy into the daily routines

It may seem like a daunting task with the given expectations but this is where Lean serves as a fantastic tool to develop the work flow, reduce mistakes and standardise the processes to be able to deliver an up-to-date service of high quality and with employees who are engaged and motivated to solving this challenge.

Lean involves the employees in the development of the organisation in a positive way so that the new work processes become a positive and natural part of every day.

All training and consulting is carried out personally by Søren Pedersen.

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