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Lean & Strategy offers various different services within the area of Lean - tailored to your specific needs. This has lead to solid results at customers such as Vestas, Froes Herreds Sparekasse and Team Engineering.

Lean & Strategy collaborates with the Global Lean business Project7 Consulting, made up of ex-Toyota managers. Here are examples of Lean Services:

Lean transformation in your company

The level of ambition is yours. We like to have both feet firmly placed on the ground and understand the situation today in order to be able to set the right goals and the structure for working with Lean and to help establishing an appropriate, tailored process which will ensure that the goals are reached and that the culture to work with improvements is strengthened in the right areas. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.


Certified Lean training 

Employees and leaders in your organisation will be involved with hands-on improvements in your company - it is up to the participants to prove their abilities through practical improvements. The certification in Lean is based on the internationally recognised Australian Quality Training Framework program which may be tailored to meet your exact business goals and needs. The program requires the instructor to be certified under the same program - both within Lean and as a trainer and assessor - Soren Pedersen holds all these certifications. If you see the great benefits in certified training, then contact us today to meet and tailor things to you.


Specific training in Lean methods

Value Stream Mapping, flow improvements, mistake-proofing, identification and improvement on cost factors, changeover reduction and OEE, TWI, job instruction, job relations, Kaizen, Basic Stability, A3 thinking, structured problem solving and many others. If you are searching for specific training then contact us so we can can plan what suits the best.
Lean & Strategy has outsourcing and partnering agreements, that may constitute an added advantage in the case of certain Lean training processes. 

All training, coaching and consulting work is carried out personally by Soren Pedersen

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