Scenario planning strengthens the strategy of a company

Companies and organisations have improved in how they focus their efforts in working with strategies and visions over recent years, but at the same time the world has become subject to more change than ever before. This places larger demands on the organisation to come up with a successful strategy that is robust against different scenarios of the future. It may be about being prepared to handle what may otherwise be thought of as unimaginable, like the IT bubble burst some years ago or more recently the housing bubble or global financial crisis. More often it is about being prepared to handle challenges and opportunities in one's own market. This may be using new technology and innovation, the expiration of a patent, new legislation or launch of new, revolutionising products - be that your own or your competitors'.

scenario planning unveils possibilities

Scenario planning is a practical approach to sharpening the strategy of an organisation so as to benefit in the best way from the opportunities that the future has to offer. By working with several scenarios you will achieve greater flexibility in navigating your organisation through change in the most appropriate manner.

Scenario planning involves a mixture of the most likely and the more provoking development trends pertaining to your area of industry and your company. Scenarios are typically formed in a very engaging process and with commitment from the organisation, the leadership group and the board - in this way they reach a common understanding of how the challenges of the future are to be met.

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